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LGPR101is a handcrafted diamond engagement ring featuring an IGI-certified 2.24 carat lab-grown round brilliant cut center stone (E , VVS2) and 0.18 ctw natural round brilliant cut diamonds set in platinum.

Discover a modern masterpiece that effortlessly blends clean lines with timeless elegance. In this exquisite design, a hidden treasure awaits—a delicate diamond halo discreetly nestled beneath the center stone.

The high-polish platinum band serves as a sleek and comfortably wearable canvas for this work of art. Its minimalist design encapsulates the essence of modern love, where every detail has been meticulously crafted. Let this engagement ring serve as a reminder that the most radiant beauty often resides in the simplicity of design.

Feel the difference! This Platinum ring weighs 7.5 grams.

LGPR101 Platinum 2.24 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring with Hidden Halo

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