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About Us

At Kélege Bridal, we are passionate about introducing our line of fine jewelry to the public. We use high quality natural diamonds for all our designs and lab-grown diamonds for our center stones. We are proud to offer all the craftsmanship of a Jack Kelége masterpiece with the affordability of lab-grown diamonds. Our desire to make original pieces more accessible is unrivaled in the industry.

We use the highest quality materials to create our pieces and we are committed to providing our customers with the best shopping experience and customer service. Our goal is to provide unique, luxurious and timeless pieces that will become treasured family heirlooms for generations to come.

Mixed metal platinum and  18k Gold diamond ring

About The Designer

Jack Kelége is not just a jewelry designer; he is a master craftsman. Every design starts as a hand-drawn concept, which is then meticulously shaped by Jack himself, standing as a testament to his dedication and passion for the art.

The Kelége Bridal collections are masterpieces in their own right. Constructed from multiple segments, each piece is polished individually. This method, akin to the intricate process of crafting a luxury watch, guarantees unparalleled precision and introduces a new wave of innovation in jewelry design.

Furthermore, the placement of every gemstone and diamond is a labor of love. Each is intricately set by hand, ensuring that every piece radiates with the brilliance and dedication that only Jack Kelége can bring.


Our family has been making custom jewelry since the early 1900s. Since then, we have continued to create exquisite fine jewelry pieces, using the best materials and craftsmanship.

Now, we are proud to introduce our latest collection, featuring Lab Grown diamonds. Each piece is designed with the utmost care and precision, and stands as a tribute to our family’s legacy. We invite you to explore this collection and see the beauty of a timeless craft that has been passed down for generations.

Old image of jewelers at their work bench
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